Mit ‘Blizzcon 08 Machinima Contest Winners’ getaggte Beiträge

Movie Contest (sponsored by DIRECTV)

Action/Adventure Category

Runner-up: The Future Soon by Spiffworld

Runner-up: Mercy of the Sea by Sleeping Dog Productions

Winner: Divided Soul by Falch Productions

Comedy Category

Runner-up: Fruit of Elune by Myndflame

Runner-up: The Dead Murloc by KILH Machinima

Winner: The Rumpus Machine by Oblivious Films

Drama/Romance Category

Runner-up: Dead Rain by Bear on a Trampoline

Runner-up: Redshift by Slashdance ( maybe not the right version or continuing movie coming soon )

Winner: Snacky’s Journal 4 by Stone Falcon Productions

Grand Prize: Snacky’s Journal 4 by Stone Falcon Productions

Quelle: etwas weiter unten.

Keinen Preis gewonnen (erstaunlicherweise) hat Johan Vagstedt (aka fireboltpro) mit dem Prelude zu seiner neuen Serie Unbroken.