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Martin Falch Interview

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Toumia hat es nun endlich geschafft das Interview mit Martin Falch, dem Produzenten der Tales of the Past Filme, durchzuführen. Ist sehr gut geworden denke ich aber leßt es euch selber durch. Eine deutsche Übersetzung findet ihr auf

Toumia: Good afternoon Martin. First of all I want to thank you for this interview and let’s start.
Tales of the Past 3 was released about 5 weeks ago and was downloaded about 589.000 times. How are you today?
Martin Falch: Good afternoon – I’m feeling quite good, thank you.
Toumia: So let’s come to our first question.

Toumia: It must have been a huge effort creating such an epic movie story. What kept you going?
Martin Falch: Well, it was great to get support from the fans of the other „TotP“ movies and I guess I wanted to see the completed movie myself as well.grosses Lachen

Toumia: Did your personal experiences with playing World of Warcraft affected the movie in any way?
Martin Falch: Hm…Not much, except that through playing World of Warcraft I started enjoying all the Ashbringer speculation and the lore behind it, so that was an inspiration to include that in the movie. Aside from that I think most of the inspiration actually came from playing Warcraft 3 and The Frozen Throne.

Toumia: Do you play intensive World of Warcraft now?
Martin Falch: No, I almost never play. During the movie-making I stopped playing WoW since I didn’t have the time for it and now I’ve chosen to stop it since I won’t have time on top of studying anyway.

Toumia: Are you going to create movies by occupation?
Martin Falch: Hm… Well I don’t intend to pursue moviemaking as an occupation, but I might be able to create more later on as hobby projects. It mainly depends on whether I come up with some good ideas and have the time to create it.

Toumia: Did you wrote the Story of “Tales of the Past” all by yourself?
Martin Falch: Well, I wrote the whole script by myself, but during the creation of it, I sometimes had some discussions with the voice actors of specific characters, about how to shape their character’s development and things like that. So I did spend a lot of time brainstorming with the actors of the movie!

Toumia: I’d like to know whether you had any ideas (about the story or maybe just minor details) you had to scrap because they couldn’t be realized in World of Warcraft.
Martin Falch: Hmm I don’t think there was anything that was „impossible“ to do in the movie. The main problem was if I would have the patience to spend enough time needed for some specific scenes. Some scenes had to be scrapped since they were really impractical to create and some limitations with recordings did pose problems. The main problem I had where I had to scrap scenes were with in game recordings. The funeral scene in the movie was originally recorded in game, but since the recordings were so disturbed by hostile hordes in the area, I was unable to get enough clean shots, so I ended up doing it in model viewer instead.
Toumia: I know that problem.

Toumia: What was the reason for you to produce movies in the first time and what was the reason to make Tales of the Past?
Martin Falch: Hm… Well the original idea was just to create a guild-movie for my guild, Eden Aurorae. But since it was quite a popular project, I ended up trying out some more ambitious stuff with Tales of the Past I and from there it just continued automatically. I guess I wanted to see what I could do with the game and try and share some ideas I had with the rest of the people that might be interested in seeing a project like that.

Toumia: How many hours have you worked on the movie a week?
Martin Falch: Hm… Well roughly 21 hours a week I guess – so quite a lot.grosses Lachen I had vacation during some of the process, so that allowed me to work a lot on the movie too, though!

Toumia: What programs have you used?
Martin Falch: Well I used Sony Vegas 6.0 for editing clips together, Adobe After Effects 6.5 for doing all the model viewer editing and finally I used Fraps for recording scenes etc.

Toumia: Who was the Naaru in the end of the movie and what was the deal between him an Arthas? For many people was that ambiguous.
Martin Falch: Hehe. Well the idea was both to get people to speculate, but also to „return the lore back to normal“. I couldn’t have Arthas die in the movie and I couldn’t have him remain human either, unless I wanted to make a 4th movie. Originally I had played with the idea of doing a TotP 4 with Arthas as the main character, this time being good but since I wouldn’t be able to create a 4th movie of the same scale, I decided that I would make it so people could „continue the story“ in game and with the next expansion, which includes both the Ashbringer and Arthas as the Lich King. About the Naaru: That was an idea I had based on some forum speculations I had been reading, where people wondered if the Naruu might in fact be „less good than they appear“ – the thing is that it’s a funny coincidence that the Naaru and The Lich King happen to have the same primary enemy, the Burning Legion.
Toumia: Interesting.grosses Lachen
Martin Falch: So my idea was that there might be a connection between the two. Considering that the Naruu are extremely powerful and almost Godlike beings, odds are fairly good that they’d not really care much about Azeroth and „us“, compared to their own primary goals (which might be complete rule over the universe or something else – we don’t know).

Toumia: Got you any support from Blizzard or got you details of “Wrath of the Lich king” or the Death Knight?
Martin Falch: Well, I didn’t get any support from Blizzard or extra details. I’m not sure they knew of the project before it was done actually.grosses Lachen I did however use a private server amongst other things during the creation of the movie, so that’s one of the reasons why some people think Blizzard were involved in the making of it.

Toumia: Have you got some funny facts for us apart from them on your homepage?
Martin Falch: Hehe. Not many .Though there are some funny facts about the scripting process. For instance, I originally intended Blazer to find the Ashbringer and then have Saurfang wield it against Arthas, which would have been quite hilarious, as I look back. Also, Thrall was originally going to die alongside Blazer in the sacrifice towards the end. However, I sort of decided to not do it as the last thing I changed in the script, pretty much. Again, I felt it would be dangerous to change too much of the lore since it seems to be a rather dangerous area to move in.grosses Lachen Aside from that I think it’s funny when people watch the movie and don’t actually notice (until the credits) that in plenty of scenes Rexxar and Thrall are having conversations and in fact it’s the same voice actor. Matt, did both voices (along with several others). In general there are tons of funny voice actor bloopers that we will hopefully be able to release in not too long, so I can probably give you a hint when they’re ready.grosses Lachen

Toumia: What technical specification has your computer?
Martin Falch: It’s an AMD Athlon 64 Dual Core 2×2.0Ghz, NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GT/GTO 128 MB, 2 GB Ram and a ton of hard disk space. Also, I record on a separate drive in my computer, which is a great improvement on frame rate, so I’ll advise others to try that option if possible when they wish to record movies with Fraps or similar programs.

Toumia: Now we come to the last question: What will come in the future and when will we see a new movie by you ?
Martin Falch: That’s a very good question. 😛 To be honest I’m not sure. I can’t even promise that there will be more movies. Basically I’ve just started out on a 5 year long education, which will take most of my time, but I do hope to spend a bit of my vacation time on moviemaking. If I get some good ideas and feel inspired to work on a new project, I might make something of smaller scale later on. Maybe I’ll get time this summer, I will have to see!grosses Lachen Maybe if the expansion brings some good ideas along I may end up making some small movies at that time.

Toumia: Okay. So I want to thank you over again and all the best for the future!
Martin Falch: No problem and thank you for the questions.


Hallo liebe Leser ! Ich freue mich, dass ihr in den letzten Tagen so verstärkt meine seite besucht habt und dass ich dank euch bei Google Deutschland 9/ 7250000 Einträgen für Tales of the Past bin. Dafür berichte ich euch nun ausführlich über den Film . Aber vorsichtig: Wer den Film noch nicht gesehen hat , dies aber noch tun will sollte diesen Beitrag besser nicht lesen. Wem dieser Eintrag gefällt den bitte ich doch auch demnächst mal wieder auf meinem Blog zu schaun, es gibt immer neue Beiträge!

———————————Spoiler ——————————————

Man muss ganz klar sagen Tales of the Past 3 ist der geilste Machinimafilm ever, und auch besser als viele Kinofilme. Trotz seiner Länge von 1h 30 minuten schafft es der Film in jeder Sekunde interessant zu sein. Die Grafik ist einfach genial und perfekt, genauso wie die grafischen Spezialeffekte. Man könnte meinen die Angriffe von Arthas wären die echten Todesritterspells. Dann ist die tiefgehende Story natürlich sehr genial , in der viele Sachen die Blizzard vermurkst hat , wieder vernünftigt aufgegriffen werden , z.B. natürlich die ganze Story um den Ashbringer. Diese Story wird durch eine perfekte Musikauswahl unterstüzt und die anderen Soundeffekte passen auch immer. Obwohl es hauptsächlich eine episch ernste Story ist schafft Martin Falch es auch einiges an Witz in den Film zu bringen , der sehr gut rüberkommt. Herrlich dargestellt ist der typische Streit zwischen Zwergen und Elfen. Man muss sagen Tales of the Past verdient die Wertung von 5.00 auch wenn es momentan nur eine Wertung von 4.99999999999… hat . Schaut euch den Film einfach unbedingt an und dankt Martin Falch für dieses Meisterwerk!