CML 2009


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24.12 It’s Beginning to look a lot  like this raid isn’t going to happen by Oxhorn

18.12 Stormwind High school by Britty Machinies

09.12 T for Thunderfury by BaronSoosdon

08.12 Fall of the Lich King Trailer by Blizzard Entertaiment

06.12 Ulduar: In the Mountains by Realityshock

06.12 Ninja Raiders by RavenSylphe and EmberIsolte

05.12 Trev and Eroth: Episode I – Desperate Measures by Giordano

05.12 #Machinima Collaboration – Part 1 published by Dopefish

05.12 I play as a chick Trailer by Yumfries

04.12 The Return of Kel’thuzad by Rico

03.12 Incredibly Warrior Tricks 4 (Interactive) by Swifty

02.12 Looking Back no More by RavenSylphe

30.11 How to win at raiding by wowcrendor

29.11 Random Music Mania 10 [Teaser] by warcraftinator

29.11 Butterfly by Iryzia

28.11 Revenge (Act 2) Teaser by Silverlined (Nixxiom)

25.11 Metal Gnome Solid by Yunalesca

22.11 Azerotian Super Villians 8 by Ian Beckman

21.11 Listen to the Rain by Ishanah

20.11 Bad Romance by Quix0tica

19.11 Save the Murlocs PSA by Jinx

19.11 Achievement Wh0re by WoPairs, Gigi and Nation

16.11 Looking Back No More by BaronSoosdon [Aion]

15.11 Trev and Eroth: Desperate Measures TRAILER by Giordano

13.11 How to Paladin 36 by Shepiwot

11.11 The Story by Legs and Cranius

09.11 Among the Badger Men by Oblivious Falcon (48 Hours film project)

08.11 The Return of the Highborne by Melvenor

07.11 Kiss my Eyes and lay me to sleep by Ishanah

07.11 Random by AleSweetCat

07.11 WoW Night by Yumfries feat. Wick + Sharm

06.11 Lumberjack by Buttapie

05.11 The Pally DPS Song by Greyfoo

05.11 Manrik’s Wife – the Story by wowcrendor

05.11 Rihanna – Russian Roulette by DCM

04.11 The Achiever 3 – Going down ? by Origano

04.11 Somebody to Love by Wopairs

04.11 No Air (Unfinished) by Patielf333

04.11 Please! WoW by DCM

02.11 Just HOT ME now by Coma Niddy

31.10 Mellow Halloween by Downbeat (Watch Fullscreen !)

31.10 Ravenholdt Labirinth (Interactive WoW Adventure) by GiGi, Abandanation, RedeyeLobine, WoPairs and Dan Ross

30.10 Threated and Tricked by Jwow

30.10 Classist by Immortalmage9

29.10 The Ballad of Matthias Lehner by Melvenor

25.10 Murder staring WhoWho and Blazer by Paus

25.10 A Silverlined Halloween by Nixxiom

25.10 Castle in the Sky by Zimtower

24.10 Bring me to Life by AleSweetCat

22.10 Dalaran’s Costume Contest by Oxhorn

21.10 Rotten Soul – VoC 2 Trailer by Varath

19.10 Modcraft by Bullshitmaster

19.10 Hey there Delilah by AleSweetCat

18.10 She Wolf by DCM

17.10 This is Halloween by AleSweetCat

16.10 The PuG Song 2 by Sharm

16.10 Fading like a Flower by MyPrincess

15.10 Dwarven Rifle Squad by roosengreen

15.10 Succession Teaser by Pinkhair

14.10 Bittersweet by AleSweetCat

13.10 Abandonation v.s Nation by WorldofPairs

13.10 Forgotten Teaser by DtB

12.10 Sex, Gnomes and Videotape: So, I went to France by BaronSoosdon

12.10 Love Game (with Bears not Belfs) by Zechi

11.10 You’re not here by Ishanah

11.10 Ulduar: Defiance 3/3 by Invisusira (Watch and Dl it here completely)

09.10 Tales of Icecrown Part 3 by Melvenor

03.10 Classics Day: A pirate i was meant to be by stoker2 (shepiwot) and CoD – Band of Brothers by Michael Barnes

02.10 How to Paladin XXXV by Shepiwot

01.10 Curse upon Stormwind by heck0r

01.10 Ulduar by Jack

27.09 Grind by Nyhm and Summergale

27.09 D.A.N.C.E! Preview by Iryzia

25.09 Unrealeased WoW Cataclysm Trailer by WoWcrendor

24.09 Memories *coming up* by AleSweetCat

00.00 Quest: Impossible by Machini-Mations

21.09 Thunk leaves Home by Oxhorn

21.09 Ulduar: Defiance 2/3 by Invisusira

21.09 Warrior’s Dream by Slashdance (Offizielle Version)

21.09 Warcraft FF-Style 2 Sample by Sefearion

19.09 Dream an Emerald Dream by Gnomechewer (He’s Back ! Party!)

11.09 The 12 o’Clock to Northrend – Director’s Cut by Mushanga

08.09 Paramore – Broken by AleSweetCat

07.09 Teach me how to Pwn by Decision feat Neflian. Machinima by M3lon3n

07.09 Work Work, Zug Zug, Dabu by Oxhorn

06.09 Arena Love Game by Quixotica aka Nessa

05.09 WoW RvB The Zombie Plan by Dennis Pettersson

05.09 WMT Sun System by Malu05

03.09 Beautiful, Dirty, Rich by AleSweetCat

02.09 Ulduar Trailer by Jack

02.09 Worgen of Stormwind by Teagen

02.09 Thinking of you by iryzia

01.09 The Kodo Egg by Oligabopi

31.08 In Memory: Retribution by Necka

30.08 Cataclysm by Yumfries feat. PvPSiennah

29.08 The Game by Sharm

29.08 Imma Beast by Gigi and Nation

26.08 Special: Char Mix by Iryzia

25.08 Aion: The Great Divide

25.08 Project Chaos by Ollgabopi

24.08 Ulduar: Defiance 1/3 by Invisusira

24.08 The 12 o’Clock to Northend by Mushanga

23.08 Chronicle of the Annoying Quest: Ep 32 (Start of Season III) by Baka Savant

23.08 A Day in the Life by X-Cross

22.08 Cataclysm Trailer by Blizzard

22.08 Don’t make me get my Main by Legs and Cranius (Blizzcon Winner)

22.08 The Grind: 3 Minutes by Oblivious Films

22.08 Murloc Sushi by Adrian

22.08 Choose the next project of yumfries 2

22.08 Athene’s Epicness destroys Realms by Reese

22.08 Warcraft Mountain Dew by Ibeckman

22.08 A Call to Arms by Necka

22.08 Dude what’s my class ? by redeyelobine

16.08 Culling of Stratholme 2

15.08 Dance, Soterios Johson, Dance by Spiffworld

14.08 The Chronicles of Devvo by Sefearion

13.08 Ulduar Teaser by Jack

12.08 World of Gnomecraft by BaronSoosdon

12.08 Forever A Nub by Yumfries feat. Wick and PoshJark

08.08 WDS5: Shining Dreamscape by Snoman

08.08 Lost by Ishanah

06.08 Never Stay Tuned 4 by Olibith

06.08 Warrior’s Dance by BaronSoosdon

06.08 Warcraft FF Style 7 by Sefearion

05.08 Everyone is crap by Silverlined

04.08 Tales of Icecrown ~ Part 2 by Melvenor

03.08 CotAQ Season 3 Teaser by BakaSavant

31.07 Along came a priest by nessa

29.07 New Scenes from Surgee

29.07 To nie ja by patielf333

27.07 Poker Face by Iryzia

27.07 I’ll fly with you [Teaser] by patielf333

27.07 Music Mix by AleSweetCat

26.07 Eternity’s End by Deathmatic

23.07 Womanizer [Teaser] by Demachic

23.07 Alliance vs. Horde – Episode 2 by Broncotv

21.07 Lamet of the Highborne by Katethegreat19

21.07 MusicMix by Ishanah

21.07 Forever Nub Preview by Yumfries

18.07 The Salad Elf by Irdeen (Blizzcon Entry)

17.07 I’m a MT Act 1 translated by Gforce

15.07 Dalaran by Sharm

15.07 5Cap – Abandonation by RedEyeLobine

14.07 Nothin‘ But a G Kick by Propostris & Gigi

13.07 Two Fellas by Nixxiom , Silverlined Productions

11.07 Choose the Next Project of Yumfries

09.07 Restless by Neoz

05.07 Gnome Overboard by Oxhorn

04.07 The Avenger by dtbn

04.07 Illegal Danish III Prelude by Myndflame

04.07 Steak Sandwiches by Oxhorn

02.07 Warlock solo C’thun by Deadmasters (his last video 😦 )

02.07 ESC4PE by Mozq

02.07 Take my Quest by Sharm

02.07 Teleport Trick by Apparatus

01.07 X-Cross was bored

29.07 (Unfinished) Million Miles away from home by BaronSoosdon

28.06 Avril Lavigne – He wasn’t by AleSweetCat

27.06 Raid Together, Die Alone 3 by BaronSoosdon

25.06 COD5 DLC2 Trailer by MichaelBarnes

25.06 Innkeeper by Yumfries

24.06 All Souls Day by Pulverpadda

23.06 Ganker Face by Nessa

15.06 Wrought by Legs and Cranius (Picture)

15.06 Come with me by SweetButterfly

14.06 Happy Up Here by BaronSoosdon

13.06 Sath 3D Speedkill by Super3dcow

11.06 If you seek Amy by AleSweetCat

10.06 Warlock Solo Molten Core Final – Majodormo and Ragnaros by Deadmaster

09.06 Warrior Basic Training by Swifty

09.06 Cruel , Cruel Moon by Spiffworld

08.06 How to Paladin XXXIII by Shepiwot

08.06 Complicated by AleSweetCat

07.06 WoW meets Star Trek by muffstermunch

07.06 Candyman by Iryzia

07.06 The Last March of the Ents by Nessa

06.06 The White Drake by Erunno

06.06 Valley of the Damned Episode 01: Forbidden by CerinneSolesti

05.06 Broken Wings by AleSweetCat

05.06 Le Disko by Ishanah

03.06 The Culling of Stratholme

03.06 Slashdance vs Ulduar

03.06 Everytime we touch by sharm

03.06 How to Paladin 32 by Shepiwot

01.06 How to kill anonther Ulduarboss in HD by super3dcow

30.05 The Peasent: Cost of Freedom Trailer by Farinar Films

29.05 10 Seconds of your life by Sefearion

26.06 Night Elve – Harder Style by Patielf333 (wahnsinn wie viel man mit einer tanzanimation machen kann)

26.05 Ulduar: Defiance Trailer by Invisusira

23.05 The Movies: Weltraum Terror by Coldmirror

21.05 Why can’t i raid by Sharm ( Awesome song, not so good machinima)

21.05 The Stolen Child – W.B. Yeats by Lany Voom (Second Life)

20.05 Rogue in my Butt by Comaniddy

20.05 Stronger by Iryzia

19.05 Team Fortress 2: Meet the Spy

18.05 This Rap Thang by Decision feat. YOU ! *Contest* Hört euch auch Geared Up feat Sharm an.

18.05 In Memory retribution Trailer by Necka

17.05 WoW Attention Whore – The Movie (Trailer) by Nessa

17.05 The City on Fire by Aelir

15.05 Drunken PvP Ventrilo 4 by Sefearion

12.05 I’m lagging like that by Zharkan16 feat Gigi and Abomination

11.05 The Lair – Dungeons by BSM

10.05 Mana Up Preview by Yumfries

09.05 Pokerface by Ayukyo (She’s back!)

07.05 Ulduar 3.1.1 The (almost) REAL Trailer by Karash

07.05 In my Arms by Iryzia

06.05 The Avenger – Trailer by dtbn (Watch!!!)

01.05 Inventing Swear Words 5 by Oxhorn

01.05 What you waiting for by Ishanah

29.04 Esoteric vs Yogg-Saron Heroic Mode Part 1 and Part 2 and Normal Mode by Stoker2

27.04 FI5VE Deleted Opening by X-Cross

26.04 Aly and AJ by Yumfries

26.04 Dancing Bloodelves(Full version) by Patielf333

26.04 We Pwned you by Gankboyz

25.04 Sabriela and Erathiel´s wedding by Oreisa

17.04 Honor Killz by A6

16.04 How to Kill Flame Leviathan by Super3dcow and more Ulduar Kill Videos by Stoker

15.04 Rich Girl by Iryzia

14.04 Secrets of Ulduar – 2nd Official Trailer

14.04 Major League Azeroth by Afk Pl@yers

13.04 Theory of a Death Knight by Myndflame (Warning: Crank Music)

12.04 Breaking by X-Cross

11.04 Circus by Demachic

10.04 In for a penny: Part 2 by Selserene

09.04 How to Kill Malygos by Super3dCow

08.04 Immortals Reborn by Waschi

07.04 Das Strafgericht in Naxxramas by Petunia

07.04 WoW Machinima Tool Tech Demo EP2 by Malu

06.04 I Love Raiding by Nessa

05.04 28 Patches Later by Voodoray

05.04 Summer Nights by Derah

03.04 Break the Ice und Hurt by Iryzia

01.04 Blizzard Dance Battle Contest

01.04 Ulduar by Summergale, Cranius and Legs

01.04 Buddhist 3v3: Ming must die! (With Animations by Varath)

31.03 Poker Face Intro by Ayukyo

31.03 Warcraft FF Style 6 ( Part 3) by Sefearion

28.03 SWPD downs Vaelstraz for first time by super3dcow ( very old video)

27.03 Full Naxxramas by Loran (heffaonfire)

27.03 I finally Die by Deq

26.03 Another Norsk Music Video by Afflicto

26.03 WoW Insider Song by Ninth Batter

26.03 Pink – Rockstar (unfinished) by Zechi

26.03 Horde for Life by Zharkan16, Gigi, Decision and Yarcinea(Nayders07)

26.03 Zeldo „Hax“ by IBeckman

26.03 HtK the Four Horseman by Super3dcow

26.03 Music Animation Test by Zimtower

24.03 Disco Elevator by Mozq (SilverLinedProductions)

24.03 Norsk Music Video ( with L70ETC) by Afflicto

23.03 Illegal Danish 3 Soundtrack Sampler by Myndflame

22.03 Rise of the Forsaken – Chapter 1: Myth or Legend ? by Afflicto (pixelborn studios)

22.03 Love don’t let me go by Iryzia

21.03 A.D.I.D.A.W. by BaronSoosdon

20.03 Tom Cruise Crazy by Spiffworld

19.03 Teleportation by Malu

18.03 Naxxramas – The Movie 2009 by Jack

17.03 Max Payne Noir Undercity: Chapter 1 – The Darkness Inside by Varath

17.03 Beastie Boys – Paul Revere by CSid

17.03【ʘ WoW Night Elf Dancer ʘ】by Zechi

16.03 Walter about Mariage by Legs

15.03 Druidboyz 5 cap trailer by redeyelobine (Azerothian6)

14.03 Tales of Icecrown ~ Part 1: A Beacon of Light ~ Crusader Bridenbrad by melvenor

14.03 Unfinished Moonkin Football by Voodoray

13.03 Zinwrath vs The Godfather by Myndflame

13.03 8 Paladins vs. Naxxramas

13.03 Runes of Magic Cinematic

12.03 Bubbles meets Sapphiron by Durante

12.03 Myndflame Music now on Itunes

12.03 Vier Fäuste für Kenny by gollum122

11.03 Ninja Looter + Get Owned by Druidboyz

10.03 Unbroken Trailer by Firebolt

09.03 Happy Dethday Preview by SilverlinedPro

09.03 The Life of Multiboxing by Aelli (ZOMFG!)

09.03 Less-rabi achievement in 16sec by Zeno (Nuke!)

08.03 Interview with Azerothian 6

08.03 WMO swimming by Bullshitmaster

08.03 It’s okay to be gay (Bloodelf) by Zechi

07.03 Guildy Consciene by Quix0tica

06.03 I Hate You by Zechi

06.03 Fun with Gamemaster Elvinthrula by Raphner

05.05 Wir sind … Blutelfen by judas30ag

04.03 Naxxramas – The Movie 2009 by Jack

04.03 How to kill Thaddius by super3dcow

04.03 WoW StarWars Test by irdeen

04.03 Tribute to WoW by DCM

04.03 Lore of Kael’thas Sunstrider by DCM

03.03 Aegwynn & Sargeras by Warcraftinator

03.03 DK solos Magisters Terrace by Stoker2

03.03 Frontline Preview by RedEyeLobine

01.03 Wrathgate 300 by Karash

28.02 Prison Break Wow style by Zharkan16

25.02 Ulduar by Blizzard

24.02 No Point: Stretching Time by BaronSoosdon

23.02 Lord Torotu Trailer by SilverlinedPro

23.02 Pwnage like Us by Nyhm and Co.

23.02 Boombox by Invisusira

23.02 How to Paladin XXXI by Stoker2 (Oh noes!)

22.02 Circus Teaser by Demachic

20.02 I Hate everything about you by Ayukyo

20.02 Three Day Grace – Riot by Sylverbkwolf

20.02 Keep Browsing 2 by Mozq (New Member of SilverlinedPro)

19.02 Fun with allys by Zechi

18.02.09 Ray’s Cold by Zechi

16.02.09 Cloud 09 by zimtower

15.02.09 Lonely Valentine by Demachic

15.02.09 Trollbane 2 by Dtbn

13.02.09 Ingame enviroment editing by Malu

11.02.09 Hot ’n‘ Cold by Ayukyo

10.02.09 Tradition of the Sith by BSM

07.02.09 The Paladin’s Way of William by WilliamWallace

06.02.09 Esoteric vs Sartharion 3D by Stoker2

04.02.09 Dock of a Bay by Oxhorn

01.02.09 Attention Wh0re 102 by Nessa<3

29.01.09 What have you done ? by Keyra

28.01.09 Thinking of You by Derah

26.01.09 Warsong Defensive Event Trailer by Geis Archrion

22.01.09 Cold Legacy – Day of the Dragon Part 2 by Fal Bulon

21.01.09 Out in the Cold by Legs ( auf WCM released aber schon vor Weihnachten erstellt)

21.01.09 The Scourge by CountVrenna

20.01.09 Where the Hell is Matt? Team Fortress Style by Oxhorn

18.01.09 Project Memory 2 by Seaferion

11.01.09 Holy (Priest) by Nyhm

09.01.09 Warlock-Destro-Burn by Nyhm (Yes he’s back!)

07.01.09 Project: Rebirth Trailer (Remember Nogg-aholic!)


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