Chronologische Machinima Liste


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26.11 Azerothian Supervillian Episode 8 by Ian Beckman

2.11. Forgotten 2 Teaser by DTBN

29.10 Ox Chop by Oxhorn

Zerg vs. Azeroth by blizzmeng

Blizzcon Entrys:

The 25th Line by BvP Media

Happy Place by Legs and Cranius

Home, Sweet Andorhal by Melvenor

Sentinel Hill by Greyfoo feat. EmberIsolte

What would Warchief Garrosh do? by Irdeen


07.10 Acting with Certainty by Paus

25.09 The Lake by Stonefalcon + Oblivious Films


20.07 Nub Tales ep.6.1: real ID by Yumfries

18.07 Rock That Body by LightonRox

16.07 No love for this pug by jennisfar

13.07 Journeys (EVE Online) by Kamansus

09.07 Nothing Lasts Forever by Mozq

06.07 Nub Tales ep.6: Two Druids One Heal by Yumfries

05.07 Cash Hog by ten70

04.07 Mission Impollockable by Giordano

30.06 Viva la revolution by giordano

30.06 Nub Tales ep.5.2: 30% Raid Buffs by Yumfries

25.06 Not Alone by Molester

23.06 Nub Tales ep.5.1: Kumbaya at Wrathgate by Yumfries

22.06 Replay with Worgens by Vampirload

21.06 Nub tales ep.5: thunderstorm! by Yumfries

20.06 Dawn by Keytal (!)

12.06 The Darkmoon Faire! … Is bad by WoWCrendor

11.06 Confusion by Paus

09.06 If you could Be by Zharkan16 feat. Nyhm, GiGi and the Druidboyz

08.06 Nub Tales ep. 4.1: You’re a Noob by Yumfries and EmberIsolte

05.06 Nub Tales ep. 4: Rockhorn (The Resto Shammy) by Yumfries

04.06 Kick Ass – Hit Gnome by blizzmeng

02.06 LFD Episode 1: First Quests by Preimbias

31.05 WoW Addons by Nananea

30.05 Celestial Steed – PSA by Bloodvein

28.05 Let’s dance Azeroth by Vampirload

23.05 HtW @ Pugs and Gearscore by woWcrendor

22.05 Nub Tales ep. 3: Cataclysm Alpha Police by Yumfries

20.05 Nub Tales ep. 2.5: fall of the Lich King by Yumfries

18.05 Replay by quix0tica

17.05 Exodar Disco by greyFoo and EmberIsolte

17.05 Nub Tales ep. 2: Shadowmourne by Yumfries

17.05 Varian. Varian. by Gnomechwer

15.05 Warden of Azeroth by Erunno ( Part 1 and Part 2)

15.05 Blood Type – Fail by Gary Hartmann

14.05 Drakedog 9 by Drakedog and Vurtne

14.05 Folklors first quest by samsote

13.05 Ice Crown Raiding by propostis and Bloodvein

07.05 Knock you down by Iryzia

06.05 Warcraft Wisdom by Falanor

03.05 Unnamed Short by Snoman

03.05 His Guardian Angel by Britty

02.05 Frontline by RedEyeLobine

02.05 Nub Tales ep.1: Celestial Steed by Yumfries

01.05 Cool Story Breh by WoPairs, Nation, Gigi and Asiko

24.04 Johnny Cash – God’s gonna cut you down (GTA IV) by The NonsenseStudio

23.04 The Grind: Episode 3

23.04 Peaches by Bonkey

20.04 WarLock by Quix0tica , Sharm & Cryssy

18.04 Attention Whore by RavenSylpheG & EmberIsolte

13.04 March of the Plainstriders by woWCrendor

13.04 What has two thumbs and can’t heal ? by Salemvet

11.04 Forgotten by DTB Films

09.04 Emerald Dream by Gigi feat. Sharm, Wopairs, Shizenvi, Teagen and Bloodvein Movies

08.04 Sartharion Solo World First by Raegwyn

07.04 Veil of Corruption II Trailer + Voice Actor Search by Varath

04.04 Rabbit Stew by Oxhorn

03.04 Hybrid teaser clip by sefearion and iwkya

01.04 The Legend of the Sister Blade by Melvenor

31.03 D.A.N.C.E. by Iryzia

26.03 StS: Die Jagd beginnt by Grabunhold

25.03 Brain Chili by Pinkhair

25.03 Forgotten Trailer 2 by DtB Films

22.03 ICC Trailer by jack

22.03 Yesterday’s News by Slashdance

19.03 Solitary Man by kamansus

13.03 wrath of the gnoll King by necka

12.03 The Life and Times of Wilfred Fizzlebang by Mushanga

12.03 The Guild Charter Guy by Wowcrendor

08.03 I play as a chick ft. wick, sharm and tradechat by yumfries

Rise to Power (EU) Winners:

12.03 Welcome to the Deadmines by X-Cross

12.03 Beware of the baby B by olibith


12.03 World of Gnomecraft 2.0 by BaronSoosdon

A Dead Bug’s Life by Erunno

Honorable Mentions

13.03 Screaming in agony by Tigress

06.03 The Shadow of Dawn by varath and hethu

Boom De Yada WoW by Irdeen (Mit deutschem Untertitel)


15.02 I dislike bloodelf rap by wowcrendor

09.02 Shut up and Grind by EmberIsolte and RavenSylpheG

01.02 The Fall of the Lich King (Spoiler Warning) by Blizzard Entertainment

01.02 Backstabber (Unfinished) by LightonRox

31.01 Altoholic by EmberIsolte

23.01 Poison ( Coming Up) by Ayukyo

23.01 Still alive by spiffworld


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